Who We Are?

Just as the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles, Mary and all the believers on the Day of Pentecost, so too has an all-powerful wind breathed new life into Holy Apostles Episcopal Church. As a congregation of 60, in 2005 we welcomed 70 new families — more than 500 people — from the Hmong community. 

Although Holy Apostles struggled over the years, we remained rich in hospitality. In late 2004, our Vicar, the Rev. Bill Bulson, began a series of lengthly discussions with Hmong representatives searching for a church home. After frank conversation and much prayer, Holy Apostles flung open its doors. On Pentecost Sunday, 2005, the Gospel lesson was proclaimed simultaneously in seven languages in an overflowing sanctuary. Today we are majority Hmong, but are home to people with ethnic backgrounds such as Ojibwe, Liberian, Hispanic, Filipino, and Anglo-European. 

As a growing multicultural congregation, we face challenges of space, resources, language, race and cultural differences. We are called to respond to these God-given opportunities with sensitivity, hard work, humility and most of all, great thanksgiving. We step forward boldly upheld by the firm foundation of the holy apostles’ teaching, centered around the Holy Eucharist and bearing witness to Christ’s gospel.

Our Mission

We are a Hmong majority, multi-generational home for Episcopal Christians who desire to grow in our faith by seeking and serving God and the community. 

Vision statement

We worship, learn and play together to inspire leadership and change lives.  We care about building strong families, uplifting culture and traditions, and encouraging each other to know and use our gifts to live out our faith. 

Bishop committee

May Ko

May Ko Thao

Senior Warden

Kong Meng Thao

Junior Warden

NorYeng Chang


Ellen Hart-Shegos

Anglo Liaison, Church safety

Chenayi Shava

Next Generation Liaison

Kosheng Yang-Thao

Women's Ministry Liaison

Judy Yang

Children's MInistry LIaison

Ying Yang

Youth Ministry Liaison, Safe Church 


Nor Lor


May Thao


Betty Strong




Letha Wilson-Barnard


Wa Meng Lor

Associate Priest

Bao Thao

Associate Priest

Thomas Thao

Associate Priest

Peter Thor

Associate Priest



Becky Vang

Administrative Assistant