Grand Opening – Contemporary Service

We launched our very first contemporary service at Holy Apostles Episcopal Church on Sunday, September 16th at 4pm.

Our theme was “Come As You Are.”

Our hospitality team prepared a grand table of refreshments and a delightful dinner to follow the service.  They even provided gifts for all attendees. Our children’s team provided children’s chapel for all the children that attended.  The media team gracefully handled all our technical difficulties that occurred throughout the service flawlessly. We had multiple volunteers that assisted with setting up and cleaning up.

There were 125 attendees including both adults and children.  All of these attendees included current church members and guests as well.

We would like to give all our praises to God!

Please join us for our next service on Sunday, October 21st, 2018 @ 4pm.

May God Bless!


Meet Our Worship Team – Sybella Thao


Why did you want to serve for this ministry?
In the beginning, I only joined the Worship Team because my mom insisted that I join. However, after attending a few of the practices and getting to know the team, my reason for joining has changed. I am now joining and serving in order to connect with God so he can hear my voice singing praises of his holy name.
What is your role on this team?
I am one of the lead singers.
Tell us something about yourself
I love drawing, singing, anime and art in general. I’m the middle child with 4 older siblings and 3 younger ones.