2017-2018 Bishop’s Committee:

Pheng Chang, Senior Warden

Meng Ly, Junior Warden

Ellen Hart-Shegos, Liaison for Anglo members

Ying Yang, Liaison for Youth Ministries

Tsong Tong Vang, Buildings and Grounds Liaison

KoSheng Thao, Liaison for Women’s Groups

Judy Lee, Liaison for Children’s Ministries

Shao Chang, Member at Large


The Rev. Letha Wilson-Barnard, Vicar,

The Rev. Toua Vang, Associate Priest

The Rev. Wa Meng (Cher) Lor, Priest

The Rev. Bao Moua, Priest

The Rev. Thomas Thao, Priest

The Rev. Peter Thor, Priest

The Rev. Nor Lor,  Deacon

The Rev. Betty Strong,  Deacon

The Rev. May Thao,  Deacon


Staff and leadership can be reached by email at HolyApostlesSPMN@gmail.com or by leaving a message at 651-735-3016.

Shared Ministry Team