Meet Our Worship Team – Becky Vang


Why did you want to serve for this ministry?

I haven’t been active in church ever since I started college and after I was done with my undergrad, I felt like I didn’t have a need to go back. When I heard about my church trying to form a worship band, I felt like it was a sign or a calling for me to go back and fill that void I’ve been having. It’s almost like God was giving me a sign or pull to come back to church and help begin something new.


What is your role?

My role on the team is a worship leader, but I also feel like I am a mentor, an assistance, and the organizer. I keep everyone in check.


Tell us something about yourself.

I graduated from UW-Eau Claire with a BA in graphic design. I currently work for a wholesale company called India Handicrafts Inc since October of 2017 as their graphic designer. On my own time, I like to play volleyball with friends and family and go on walks with my dog, Teddy.