Meet Our Worship Team – Chouchi Thao


Why did you want to serve for this ministry?

I had been away from HA for a very long time. I was very involved when I was still a youth as a youth leader, and I felt like they kept wanting more and more from me. This is not the first time I’ve tried doing music for the church. In the past, I butted heads with the music director because he didn’t like my style of music. After not getting the support and help that I needed, I decided to leave the church. Every church that I went to afterwards, I truly enjoyed the experience. Even though I wanted to continue going to other churches, I had this feeling that it wasn’t my home church, it wasn’t my church family, and I really felt like a stranger. I kept coming back to HA and what I wanted to do was bring what I saw back to HA. However, at that time I was only about 14-15 years of age so not a lot of the older folks paid attention to my experience and my desire. For the past 10 years, I have been playing music on the worship team at one of my friend’s church. It is where I gained most of my musical experiences from. The beginning of my musical talents began in Becky’s dad’s basement when I was 12 years of age. He taught me how to play the drums and we would jam to Hmong oldies thus is why I am fobby. It was also then that I learned how to read Hmong through the music. Fast forward to the future, after I got married, I came back to HA and brought my wife with me. I thought of it as a way to not only teach her about God but to show her God’s love. She was a nonbeliever when I had married her. Then I heard God call me to serve through my wife, my mom, and Xee. This was exactly what I had been wanting for my church all these years.


What is your role?

My role on this team is to pass on the music experiences that I have learned over the last 10 years to my team members. I want to show them new styles and ways of music along with things that I have seen as I played on the worship team at my friend’s church. My way of connecting to God is through music and I want to show my team members that they can too. Also, I want to be able to model for others that they too can connect to God through praise and worship. I believe that music is a powerful connect that not only allows you to connect to God but to other people as well.


Tell us something about yourself.

I am married and don’t have any children yet. I am still trying to balance school and work. I will be taking night classes this fall and it will be a challenge for me with worship practice. I am still debating about my major and is thinking about switching it but don’t know what to switch it to.