Meet Our Worship Team – Ryan Lee


Why did you want to serve in this ministry?

I want to serve for this ministry because I truly believe that music brings everyone together. Music is a powerful tool to breaking barriers. Music is a universal language that everyone can understand. No matter what race, religion, or culture, the notes played by a musician are understandable to everyone’s ears. It’s amazing how music can bring us together. I will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing our presence brings peace to the community.

What is your role on this team?

My role on this team is to provide music through vocals and guitar.

Tell us something about yourself.

I’ve been a member of Holy Apostles for approximately six years. Throughout those six years, I participated in the youth group, Sunday school, acolyte, verger, service readings, food shelves, the spring music concerts, Taize, music camp, piano/guitar/vocal lessons, and special music performances during service.

I recently graduated with a degree in Law Enforcement. I want to be a police officer because I strive to make a difference in the community. I not only want to help others, but I strive to change the community for the better. Police officers have an image, and I want to change this perception of, “Police officers are corrupted.” I will do this by interacting and serving as a role model for the youth. Police officers who interact with the youth will build trust in the community. I am currently employed with the Minnesota State Patrol Capitol Security. My duty is to provide security to executive, judicial and legislative officials, state employees, and the public on the Minnesota State Capitol complex. As an employee for the State Patrol Capitol Security, I stand by five core values every day, “Respect, integrity, courage, honor, and excellence.”
My favorite hobby is to visit different restaurants in Minnesota. The most insane meal I’ve encountered was the, “Meat Your Maker Challenge.” This hamburger challenge consist of burgers, grilled cheeses, onion rings, fried eggs, bacon, hotdogs, and cheese curds, totaling a whopping 10,000 calories. I’ve yet to conquer this hamburger, but it is a goal of mine in the near future.