Shared Ministry Team

Shared Ministry Leadership Team



Neng Lee, Eucharistic Minister

Maria Merrill, Parish Life Ministry

Nancy Thao, Pastoral Care, Music & EV

Nhia Thao, Administrator, Parish Life Ministry

Pa Lee Thao, Eucharistic Visitor

Nor Lor, Deacon

Betty Strong, Deacon

May Thao, Deacon

Wa Meng Lor, Priest

Bao Moua, Priest

Thomas Thao, Priest

Peter Thor, Priest


The Shared Ministry Team formed in late summer of 2012 with twenty members and they started their formation in October 2012. They studied together for three-four years, from the Bible, Church History, Theology, Preaching to Christian Ethics, Pastoral Care, Evangelism, Leadership, and Stewardship. After their formation, the Bishop had ordained three Deacons and four Priests, and commissioned six lay leaders to the team at Holy Apostles.


The six lay leaders were commissioned as Eucharistic Minister, Eucharistic Visitor, Pastoral Care, Evangelist, and/or music, to name a few of the ministries they do. The deacons and priests help and assists the Vicar, Rev. Letha Wilson-Barnard with khi-tes, house blessings, weddings, funerals, home prayers and/or hospital visits. They also preside and preach once a month at the Hmong service and help at the English service when needed.


This past year, some members on the team formed a Healing Team that was trained by Dr. Dick Guition from Messiah Episcopal Church. They were commissioned by Fr. Fred Vergara, Missioner for Asiamerica Ministries in December 2017. The healing team visits sick members in the hospital and prays for those in need after service on Sundays.

The team continues to meet monthly to check-in on each other’s ministries and be reminded of the team’s covenant. The team also have group spiritual direction every other month with Anne Miller, a Spiritual Director.


Team Covenant

  1. Trust & Love God
  2. Love one another
  3. Practice a Rule of Life
  4. Communicate with love and honesty
  5. Work Together
  6. Offer ourselves for Christ’s service
  7. In addition, the team meets with the Bishop Committee over a day retreat in the summer to check-in on goals and ways to improve and support Holy Apostles. The team hopes and dreams to engage our parish members to desire to grow in faith by seeking and using their gifts in serving God and the community.

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