Translating the Book of Common Prayer into Hmong

Translators at work on the service of Holy Baptism. Pictured left to right: Toua Vang, Cher (Wa Meng) Lor, and the Rev. William Bulson

Holy Apostles received a United Thank Offering grant for $30,000 to continue translating the Book of Common Prayer into Hmong. Holy Apostles is the first Hmong-majority congregation in the Episcopal Church and the entire Anglican Communion.

The Twin Cities metropolitan area is home to one of the largest populations of Hmong people in the United States. Other Hmong communities include California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina.

Hmong people came to the United States as refugees from the mountains of Laos after the end of the Vietnam War. Hmong soldiers were allies of the United States in what has come to be known as “The Secret War in Laos.”

The Lord's Prayer in Hmong.
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